Johanna Mateo | Co-Founder.Director.Producer

Johanna fell in love with all things production in her teens and hasn't looked back since. She relishes in being part of every function behind the scenes. Her goal is to ensure that with each completed project, comes the great reward of client satisfaction. She encourages you to utilize her strong marketing/branding background to make a difference in your next video project.



Toni Tantlinger | Co-Founder.Producer

Toni entered the world of production with curiosity and desire. This turned into a decision to make this career move a part of her life's purpose. She enjoys using her creative side to take an idea through completion. She is certain that her greatest skill-sets will strengthen your video strategy.



Alan Greenstein | Producer.Social Media Admin

Alan has been an integral part of Move The World's progress since inception. His passion for helping those in the entertainment industry fulfill their dreams is admirable, as he truly enjoys seeing those he holds dear succeed. His role continues to expand, to recently include the handling of our social media accounts.

Russ Whitelock | Music Composer

Russ grew up with a passion for film music and studied film scoring throughout his life. He has composed soundtracks for feature films and documentaries working with directors such as Craig Clyde, Rob Diamond and Chuck Williams. Russ is currently scoring the romantic-comedy “Hello, I Love You” and will score “Sacred Vow” for director Rob Diamond. His greatest strength is the capability to write music that captivates emotion and brings each story to life.