Digital Video Advertisement

To be visible, you must be online, active and engaging. Video is a useful tool in growing awareness, encouraging sales and increasing online engagement. If you have a product, service, fundraising campaign, PSA, etc. to promote, let our team help. You will surely benefit from using this proven advertising method.

Promotional Product Video

We have to admit. Shooting products is super fun. A successful promotional product video requires proper storytelling just as much as any other video type. Video products have a very clear intent to sell. Yet, the best and most successful videos are the ones that do less selling and more sharing. Sharing the lifestyle and use of the product, without pushing the sale of such product. In order to do this properly, this requires us to build and capture moments through a narrative that enables action.

Promotional Social Media Video

Have a social network audience or trying to build one? Need to get the word out about who you are, your brand, or what you do? In comes video. The use and increase of video in social media platforms continues to rise, and with great results. Allow us to help you build a video campaign that motivates your target users to convert. We realize that the return on investment in your paid social marketing spend is of utmost importance. 

Music Video/Music Promo Video

Are you a musician? A band? Have a great song and are now in need of a genius concept to tie it all together? Look no further. Our team loves music almost as much as making professional videos. Music and video are two art forms that truly complement one another; both working together to create a memorable story-line that strives for a universal appeal to relate. We'll develop a completely original concept to exceed your visual expectations. We'll include you every step of the way, and we'll have a good time while in the process.

Social Media Live Video

Stay current with what's hot today, by properly utilizing Live Video as a form of communication with your audience. If you want a live audience, you'll either be on Periscope or Facebook Live. But with live video comes great responsibility. Audiences all over the world want to engage with you live. But how do you make it fun and engaging while making them feel as if they are there? Don't rely on just pressing that red button on your phone's video camera crossing your fingers that it will look good enough. Trust in us to do what we do best, while you focus on your message. We'll take care of ensuring lighting, audio, camera angles, focus, etc. are all to perfection so you look like a pro!


Commercials are still a thing. But, now more than ever, with the rise of digital media, it is important to stand out. To make your commercials relateable, actionable and with your targeted viewer in mind. Don't make a simple boring or lack-luster commercial because you hired a videographer, and not a professional production company with original story-telling capabilities. This is the huge difference between your commercial bringing in new business, or being ignored or worse, skipped through. Let us help you make your commercials a success.

Startup Investor Video

Startups are not just happening in Silicon Valley, they are everywhere and each day a new individual opens a new start-up in hopes of making it big. Investors, VC's and Angel Investors are looking into video as a the quick elevator pitch that will help them decide if you're worthy of their dollars. Don't skimp out on this, as it could solely help you get that big deal closed. Let our team, craft an original story about you and your product/service/start-up, and why an investor should take a chance on you, and watch your closing rate soar. It's a no brainer, you need to grab their attention, keep it, and motivate them into action. Video is the way to do just that.


There are real stories born every minute of the day around the world, and we are truly honored to take part in these special projects. In order for our team to collaborate/partner up for a documentary project, we must feel connected to and well-aligned with the subject matter and topic at hand. We enjoy working on topics that have depth, may be controversial, stir a discussion, is a social issue, or human and societal topics. If in doubt, reach out to us, we are always interested and open to the possibilities of an amazing collaboration.

*This is a service we take on a case by case basis, when it is not an in-house developed project.

Short/Feature Film* 

Writing a story from scratch to emote and move a wide audience with your words is an extraordinary craft. Combining this story-writing with a visual representation of the work to captivate visually this same audience and move them in the same manner is significant. Our team appreciates the art and science behind the two, and more-so invites any screenwriter or script writer, to reach out to us for consideration. Our doors are always open to create unparalleled indie work.

*This is a service we take on a case by case basis, when it is not an in-house developed project.